terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008


I'm back. Back. I just read 'try not to miss those who care about you.' MSN's Paulinha. Yeah, but when and in that attempt, we shall miss with the same people? And when, in one of those there for us if perfectionism humanitarian tool? Yeah, bro. They have situations where, or if wrong with the other, or if wrong with it. And when you screw with himself, is a burden too big, because if wrong with the other also. On the other hand, is wrong with the other, it is obvious that means at least a part of us is being neglected. Look, I love it, but I complicated. Increasingly complicated.

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kah. disse...

Nesse vc forçou a barra. Meu inglês de Ensino fundamental não me permite tanto! Vo lá pro BabelFish!